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Let’s go walking again – The Cotswold Way – Stage 1

Hello Blog. Hello World. Hello the United Kingdom. Hello new adventure. And Hello - something hopefully worth writing about -or at least something I can read that will remind me how things really were. Also please excuse the fact that this... Continue Reading →

Roadtripping India Style

I had three obsessions as a teenager: 1. Jon Bon Jovi (judge me I know) 2. Cross Country Skiing 3. The Himalayas.   With regards to the latter, I read every possible book I could get my hands on about original expeditions... Continue Reading →

Zucchini Chai Independence Day Cake

Well hello blog! It has been long in fact I wondered whether I should keep this thing active.  We are enjoying a long weekend in celebration of India's 68th year of independence.  Since it is kinda a birthday....and my... Continue Reading →

Delhi Delights – Dastkar Nature Bazaar

It is hard to believe we've been living in Delhi for 6 months, and it is starting to feel like home. Delhi is unlike anywhere - anywhere. It is chaotic. It is crazy. It is vibrant. It is diverse. It... Continue Reading →

My life is the sum of my purse.

A year ago I was 38 weeks pregnant, waiting for the arrival of little miss Freya,  writing about what was in my hospital bag and cursing Rob for disappearing in the hight of winter with a broken furnace and plummeting temperatures. I... Continue Reading →

Flying Solo

The house is quiet, and I'm not quite sure what to do with myself (hence the blog post). After flying from Vancouver to Delhi via London I am in a jet-lagged fog. Should I be sleeping or staying awake? eating... Continue Reading →

Max the Master Chef

If I had all the time in the world, I'd spend a lot more of it writing and blogging and taking pictures.  Yes - about two years back, I had novel writing ambitions that got put on the back burner,... Continue Reading →

Five things I learned while jogging in Delhi today

Sometimes I need a goal to get my butt into gear.  Having had to take a very long break from running after Freya's birth, now what better way to get back into it than with the Delhi Half Marathon - Continue Reading →

Crazy About Iceland in Black and White

India feels like another planet from Iceland.  I don't think we could have traveled to two more different countries.  Before I fall farther under the spell of sweet spices, and bustling markets, I thought I'd share some of my favourite... Continue Reading →

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